Instant Chicory 3-in-1

Tea 3-in-1 – широкий ассортимент Instant Chicory 3-in-1 – купить с доставкой
Instant Chicory 3-in-1 - фото - 1
Number of sachets in one pack: 20
Weight of one box: 360
Volume of one box: 25
Shelf life: 24
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Partner T is the manufacturer of instant dry beverage Chicory 3-in-1

The chicory beverage is a healing beverage known since the earliest times. This beverage has a healthier effect on the body than coffee. Chicory has soft impact on the central nervous system by calming it. It normalizes the function of the heart and cardiovascular system.

Probably it has not been studied yet how many healthy properties chicory has, but we are 100% sure to declare: chicory-based coffee is a very-very tasty beverage, as the best technologists worked on the recipe of Chicory 3-in-1 manufactured by Partner T. We drank many dozens of cups of instant chicory before launching serial production of this product. Thoroughly adjusted taste and quantity of: cream, sugar and chicory – guarantees pleasant time to be spent over chicory!

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