Coffee 3-in-1

Coffee 3-in-1 – широкий ассортимент Coffee 3-in-1 – купить с доставкой
Coffee 3-in-1 - фото - 1
Number of sachets in one pack: 20
Weight of one box: 400
Volume of one box: 25
Shelf life: 24
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  • Description

Drink and enjoy an aromatic and intense drink!
  • Invigorating coffee pleasant to start the morning or to spend relaxation minutes with.
  • Well-balanced pleasant taste due to the harmony of three ingredients: coffee, cream and sugar.
  • Natural high-quality ingredients are used in manufacturing.
  • The drink boosts performance and relieves fatigue.
  • Air-tight packaging protects the drink against the impact of light, moisture, foreign odors. Keeps the taste and aroma intact, regardless of the storage conditions.
  • Packaging: 20 sachets per pack, 25 packs per box.
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